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item iditem locationDescriptionIDManufacturerNotesitem barcodeitem updateditem created
 BOX039Abacus1036ChineseChinese Abacus   
 BOX082Addiator Duplex Mechanical Adder and Pen1212Made in GermanyDonated by Peter Thompson   
 BOX039Addmaster adding machine1179AddmasterAddmaster Junior adding and subtracting machine. With user guide and stylus.   
 BOX002Auto-incrementing 6-digit Rubber Stamp LEDA 121940LEDACame From MHS. Works.   
 BOX188Circular Slide Rule And Units Converter2294Not GivenSlide Rule One Side, Units Converter On The Other. Circular.   
 BOX188Concise No 28 Circular Slide Rule And Units Converter2295Concise No 28Made In Japan. Has Case   
 BOX188Diwa No. 741 Slide Rule2289DiwaMade In Denmark   
 BOX188Faber-Castell 2/82 Slide Rule2291Faber-CastellMade In Germany   
 BOX188Faber-Castell 57/88 Students Advanced Rieats Model Slide Rule And Case2287Faber-Castell    
 BOX188Faber-Castell 57/92 Slide Rule2288Faber-Castell    
 BOX188Faber-Castell 67/87 Rietz Slide Rule2290Faber-CastellMade In Germany   
 BOX188Hemmi P23 Slide Rule With Instructions And Case2292Hemmi SunMade In Japan. Reg No 507296   
 BOX082IBM Flowcharting Template1211IBMISO 1028 Information Processing - Flowchart Symbols   
 BOX019Pack Of 4 Square Snap Playing Cards1942Four SquareFrom My Youth - 1960ish?   
 BOX080Santech Inc E-6B Computer Model FDF-57-B1213SantechE-6B FDF-57B/60B aircraft dead reckoning computer and user guide   
 BOX188Shetack Construction Engineering Chart2296Shetack DTCCircular Calculator/slide Rule Threads Etc   
 BOX188Wireless World Units Converter2293Blundell Harling Ltd Wy\eymouth England P3199Like A Slide Rule.   


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