Yesterday's Technology

Datalink Watch

EAI/PACE TR20 and TR48 Analog computer brochure

Compute May85

Compute! Magazine Advertisements

HP Series 100 Communicator Issue 7

HP Series 100 Communicator

It seems a shame to me that so much of “yesterday’s technology” ends up in a rubbish tip. Lacking the funds and motivation to put together a physical museum to display some items that gained a reprieve from the Last Rites, this website preserves images and stories of those books, computers, calculators, phones, radios, electronic devices and other relics that I have managed to collect over the last few years.

In December 2010 we moved from our Ocean Bay property to Blenheim, a town in Marlborough, New Zealand. The collection is still packed up in boxes and stored, so there is limited opportunity to photograph and describe items. However, I did get a number of objects photographed before putting them away, so will continue to update the site as time permits.

This update at 27th August 2011 includes more newly obtained copies of Beeblet magazine, displayed in
.pdf form.

KEW66 meter

Floptical Disk

LS120 Drive

Old Advertisements


Pen Mouse

Beeblet June85 The Sign

Punched Card

Paper Tape Reader

4 Square Snap cards

Home Computer Course 16
Santech E-6B front

The Sign - Sega Interest Group Newsletter

Beeblet Magazines

Beeblet  in 1983
We Built Our Own Computers



The Home Computer Course

HP 9825A Plotter Programming
HP Choosing the right tool

We Built Our Own Computers

Early Beeblet Magazines in .pdf form

HP 9825A and HP 9872A

HP Brochures from 1982

File Store and Downloads

Computer Posters
Colex Calculator

1980’s Framed Prints

Colex ESR Calculator